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Leader in granulated slag production


Uralgrit supplies granulated slag copper slag and nickel slag in the following forms:

»In flexible intermediate bulk containers with a loading capacity of 1 ton;

»In three-layer durable paper bags of small packaging, weighing 50 and 25 kilograms.

Flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) - a polypropylene bag, with two lifting loops, is made of a 3-layer polypropylene yarn stabilized with special additives that prevent the effects of ultraviolet radiation, with a polyethylene liner to give tightness.


The use of FIB containers allows you to:

»ensure the safety of the product with minimal (compared with other packaging methods) packaging costs;

»reduce the share of manual labor by mechanizing the packaging process as well as loading and unloading;

»use open rolling stock for transportation and reduce downtime;

»when loading and unloading, refuse returnable containers and minimize the expenditures for disposal of non-returnable containers.

To maintain the integrity of the FIB container, follow simple rules:

»in order to avoid damage to the packaging and moisture penetration, do not start unloading from the outermost containers, thereby excluding the possibility of hooking onto the walls of the car;

»unload the wagon with a crane no more than one container per hook, start with containers located in the middle of the car;

»store containers in closed and dry warehouses, or tightly covered with a canvas canopy;

»protect containers from direct sunlight.