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Granulated nickel slag has increased abrasivenessand hardness of granules (6.0 on the Mohs scale)

Granulated nickel slag

We offer to buy nickel slag at affordable prices in Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Ufa, Samara, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Tomsk, Surgut, as well as other regions of Russia.

Effective organization of modern production processes or construction work requires a fast and high-quality process of cleaning and preparing surfaces of various types. Granulated nickel slag is widely used to remove old paintwork materials, scale, rust and other types of contaminants from the treated surface.

Technical characteristics of nickel slag 
Chemical indicators of nickel slag:

The name of indicators

Standard and characteristics,%

Silica SiO 2


Alumina Al 3


Magnesium Oxide MgO


Calcium Oxide CaO


Iron Oxide FeO


Physical and mechanical characteristics of nickel slag:

The name of indicators

Standard and characteristics,%

physical configuration

dark particles

shape of particles


Bulk density, kg / m 3

1400 ÷ 1900

True density, g / cm 3

3,2 ÷ 4,0

Mass fraction of humidity,%

no more than 1

impurity, %

no more than 3

The content of lamellar (flaky) and needle-shaped grains,%

no more than 10

Electrical conductivity, mS / m

no more than 25.0

The content of chlorides dissolved in water,%

no more than 0,0025

Mohs hardness

not less than 6

Abrasiveness coefficient

not less than 4,0

Dynamic strength coefficient

not less than 10


Advantages of nickel slag 
High abrasiveness due to the sharp angular shape of the granules and their hardness (6.0 on the Mohs scale).
Time saving. The desired result is achieved in a shorter period of time than in case of surface treatment with other abrasive materials.
High rates of dynamic strength (over 10 units). This allows you to seriously save the powder itself, reducing its consumption. It also increases the quality of cleaning.
Environmentally friendly material that does not harm either human health or the environment.

Features of nickel slag processing
This material is more brittle and when it collides with the surface, its particles break up.
It is recommended to use on large open spaces in those cases when it is necessary to quickly carry out the process of abrasive blasting of the surface.
Significant material savings in the cleaning process at a higher productivity.
The hardness of nickelslag ion the Mohs scale is higher, working with it allows you to achieve the desired result in a shorter period of time.
The production of nickel slag in accordance with international standards and norms is carried out by the UralGrit company, which supplies its products both throughout Russia and to neighboring countries. The producer of nickel slag guarantees the high quality of its products, qualified customer service and affordable prices.

Based on the tasks to be solved, the company's managers will competently select the necessary type of abrasive and its fractional composition.

It is worth buying nickel slag at factory prices in a wide network of Uralgrit own representative offices in all regions of Russia and the CIS countries, as well as from our dealers.

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