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Siliceous sand for sandblasting, sand for sandblasting

 Siliceous sand for sandblasting is by far the cheapest abrasive. This is the material obtained by crushing and sieving white quartz. Unlike sand of natural origin, it has a high uniformity, dirt capacity. It is widely used for interior work, in design, as a decorative and finishing material.

Siliceous sand is still being bought for sandblasting despite its imperfections and prohibitions.

In particular:

  • Since 2003, the use of siliceous sand for sandblasting has been officially prohibited in Russia.
  • Despite the low price of sand (from 130 rubles a bag depending on the fraction), its consumption during sandblasting is significantly higher than that of other abrasives.
  • Sand contains a high% of water-soluble salts (NaCl), which leads to the process of "Osmosis" - swelling of paint and varnish materials on the substrate. This ensures the destruction of paintwork.
  • Dust formation when working with sand for sandblasting is more than 2 times higher than when using abrasive powders.
  • Sand treatment leads to surface grinding, and not to the removal of corrosion from the surface.


  1. The use of siliceous sand, crushed quartz for sandblasting
  2. Comparisons of crushed quartz for sandblasting and granulated slag
  3. Video of testing siliceous sand for sandblasting
  4. Technical characteristics and classification of siliceous sand
  5. Fractions and sizes
  6. Prices for siliceous sand, sand in bags


The use of siliceous sand for sandblasting

At present, the use of siliceous sand for sandblasting as an abrasive material is prohibited due to the insecurity of use.

SP “Hygienic requirements for the organization of technological processes, production equipment and a working tool” establishes a ban on sandblasting with the use of dry sand. Similar bans also apply in the United States, Canada, France and other countries.

Such a careful attitude of specialists to the use of sand for sandblasting is due to the fact that this material contains 80-90% of free silica. In the process of cleaning, the grains of sand are split into the smallest invisible microparticles, which appear in the air and with it fall into the lungs of employees. Their accumulation in the lung tissue leads to the emergence of such a serious disease as pulmonary silicosis, the complications of which can lead to disability and even death.

Another disadvantage of siliceous sand for sandblasting is its high consumption and poor surface profiling. The degree of purification when using this material reaches no more than Sa 2½. After processing with siliceous sand, fine dust is formed, which settles on the work surface, polluting it. It also accumulates between the peaks of the treated zone, thereby preventing a sufficient degree of adhesion. In addition, a whitening effect occurs, which leads to blistering of the paint. Such dust can be removed only with the help of special cleaning operations. They require a lot of time and money.

 Comparison of sandblasting sand and granulated slag for sandblasting

 Sand for sandblastingAbrasive sand "Uralgrit"
The content of free silicon dioxide in a dry samplemore than 90%no
Average maximum permissible concentration of a substance in the air of the working area, mg / m3110
Hazard class for humans34
Comparative flow rate for grade Sa 2½60-110 kg/m²30-75  kg/m²
The degree of surface cleaningno more than  Sa2½Sa3
Capacitym 2 /hourup to  17 m 2 /hour

See the article on comparing the cost of treating a square meter of surface with sand for sandblasting and UralGrit abrasive sand.

 Video of testing siliceous sand for sandblasting and abrasive sand

Technical characteristics and fractions of siliceous sand for sandblasting
Two types of siliceous sand:

Round sand
SiO2 (not less) - 99%
Fe2O3 (no more) - 0.07%
Al2O3 (no more) - 0.061%
Moisture content - 0.5% (Dry)
Hardness 7 pts. Mohs scale
Crushed sand
SiO 2 (not less) - 97.5%
Fe 2 O 3 (no more) - 0.15%
Al 2 O 3 (no more) - 0.98%
Hardness 7 pts. Mohs scale
Depending on the application, siliceous sand can be glass, molding or fractional.

siliceous sand fractions:
Dust (dusty sand) - size up to 0.1 mm
Medium fraction - size 0.1-0.4 mm
Large fraction - 0.5-1.0 mm
Quartz chips - fraction of more than 1 mm

  Sandblasting abrasive sandFraction (size), mm

Dry fractionated round siliceous sand

Кварцевый песок окатанный сухой фракционированный

0,1 – 0,2
0,1 – 0,5
0,1 – 0,63
0,4 – 0,8
0,5 – 0,8
0,5 – 1,0
0,63 – 1,2
0,8 – 1,4
0,8 – 2,0
1,2 – 3,0

Dry fractionated crushed siliceous sand

file/abrazivnye-poroshki/kvarcevyy-pesok-droblenyy.jpgКварцевый песок дробленый сухой фракционированный

0,2 – 0,63
0,5 – 1,0
0,7 – 1,2
0,7 – 1,6
0,8 – 2,0
1,0 – 3,0
2,0 – 5,0


Prices for siliceous sand in bags, per ton

The average price for siliceous sand in Moscow is different, depending on the fraction and packaging. Sale is carried out in bags of 25 and 50 kg, FIBC.

  Sand in bags of 25 kg FIBC (from 1 ton)FIBC (from 20 tons)FIBC (from 20 tons)
Light-colored round siliceous sand (SiO2 no less than - 99%)135 - 300 rubles depending on the volume and fraction

3 700 - 4 900 rubles depending on the fraction

3 500 - 4 700 rubles depending on the fraction

Dark round siliceous sand

345 - 300 rubles depending on the volume

from 3900 rubles

3 700 rubles
White quartz chips

250 - 460 rubles depending on the volume and fraction

8 400 - 14 000 depending on the fraction

8 300 – 13 000 rubles depending on the fraction

If you want to purchase sand for abrasive work in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg or other cities of Russia, our company offers a modern abrasive for sandblasting. High-quality and safe abrasive powder of various fractions with a degree of purification up to Sa3.

The UralGrit company produces granulated slags for sandblasting for efficient and safe cleaning of surfaces of various types in accordance with international requirements and safety standards. A wide network of our own warehouses and representative offices allows our customers to buy abrasive sand at competitive prices and with a guarantee of quality. Highly qualified manager of the company will select the necessary type of abrasive and its fractional composition, based on the tasks that you need to solve.