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Granulated copper slag

We offer slag granulated copper slag in bags of 25 and 50 kg, in FIBC. Warehouses in Russia and the CIS, delivery.

Granulated copper slag


The Uralgrit company is a producer of granulated copper slag for sandblasting, supplying products both throughout Russia and to neighboring countries. The production of copper slag in accordance with international standards is carried out on modern equipment, which guarantees high quality of manufactured abrasive products.

Copper slag is a modern granular slag that makes it easy to remove persistent dirt, mill scale, and corrosion products using sandblasting. Cooperslag is suitable for high-performance abrasive cleaning of steel and concrete, for uniform surface profiling. It is used for abrasive preparation of surfaces for further staining. Today, copper slag is the most common type of slag used for abrasive cleaning of various materials.

Cooper slag is produced from granulated slags obtained by melting copper. As a result of production, copper particles are absent in the cooper slag. The granule sizes of the cooperslag produced by us do not exceed 3.15 mm, and the proportion of particles less than 0.2 mm in size does not exceed 5%.

Купершлак для пескоструя производства «Уралгрит»

Technical characteristics of copper slag
Recommendations for the selection of fractions for copper slag
Cooper slag consumption for various degrees of purification
Advantages of granulated copper slag 
Advantages of cooper slag processing
Video of cooper slag test 
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Technical characteristics of copper slag for sandblasting:
Copper slag shipment in bags from the Karabash plant TS 3989-003-82101794-2008.

As well as 15 official dealers and representative offices of our company in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Perm, Surgut, Vladivostok, Krasnodar Krai, etc.

Chemical indicators of copper slag:

The name of indicators

Standard and characteristics,%

Silica SiO 2


Alumina Al 3


Magnesium Oxide MgO


Calcium Oxide CaO


Iron Oxide FeO


Physical and mechanical characteristics of copper slag:

The name of indicators

Standard and characteristics,%

physical configuration

dark particles

shape of particles


Bulk density, kg / m 3

1400 ÷ 1900

True density, g / cm 3

3,2 ÷ 4,0

Mass fraction of humidity,%

no more than 1

impurity, %

no more than 3

The content of lamellar (flaky) and needle-shaped grains,%

no more than 10

Electrical conductivity, mS / m

no more than 25.0

The content of chlorides dissolved in water,%

no more than 0,0025

Mohs hardness

not less than 6

Abrasiveness coefficient

not less than 4,0

Dynamic strength coefficient

not less than 10

Recommended fractional composition of cooper slag for sandblasting

FractionFraction sizeThe surface profile, micronsThe achievable degree of purificationSurface
Very large fraction0,8–3,0 
110–145Sа 2 
Sa 2.5 
Sa 3
 Deep rust; surface with several layers of paint; insulation or other materials that adhere closely to the metal; any types of structures and surfaces requiring deep roughness
Large fraction0,8–2,5 
80–120Mill scale, initial state of steel B, C according to ISO 8501-1
Average fraction0,2–2,2 
70–110 Mill scale, initial state of steel B, C according to ISO 8501-1
Small fraction0,5–1,5 
50–90Sa 1 
Sa 2 
Sa 2.5
Cleaning of non-ferrous metals and alloys; steel cleaning, which does not require complex anti-corrosion systems (thin-layer paints and varnishes with a small nonvolatile content).
Vary small fraction0,1–0,8 
20–60Sweep blasting; cleaning of of non-ferrous metals and alloys; sheet steel cleaning (car body, alloy wheels, etc.)

Contact our company specialists for advice on choosing the fractional composition of copper slag, determining the degree of surface preparation for sandblasting.

Cooper slag consumption per 1 sq. km. surface meter
Cooper slag consumption per 1 sq. km. The meter of the processed surface is extremely individual and depends on:

Type of the processed surface (metal, brick, concrete, etc.);
The degree and type of pollution;
Technical capabilities of the sandblasting apparatus;
Cooper slag fractions;
Sandblasting qualifications.

For the average consumption of granulated slag (nickel slag / copper slag), we recommend that you focus on the data of the Central Research Institute of CM "Prometey" issued in the publication "Guide for the training of inspectors on visual and measuring quality control of painting work", which is from 24 to 78 kg / m2

It should be borne in mind that the average consumption of granulated slag (nickel slag / cooper slag) depends on the main parameters of the abrasive blasting plants (nozzle diameter, air flow, average productivity), as well as the required degree of surface cleanliness.

Advantages of copper slag for sandblasting
High abrasiveness due to the sharp angular shape of the granules and their hardness (6.0 on the Mohs scale).
Stable fractional composition of the powder.
The minimum humidity level allows the cooper slag to remain loose and not stray into lumps, thereby not clogging the abrasive line.
Low dustiness of the powder, providing a reduction in the dust cloud during surface cleaning, which allows to use cooper slag in small confined spaces (barrels, tanks).
Environmentally friendly material that does not harm either human health or the environment.

Advantages of Sandblasting with Cooper Slag
Achieving the degree of purification of Sa3 (pure metal without inclusions) and the roughness of the profile of the treated surface.
Significant material savings in the cleaning process at a higher productivity.
The low level of dust during the cleaning process eliminates the risk of occupational diseases of abrasive blasting operators.

Video of testing copper slag produced by Uralgrit

The following documents are provided for the cooper slag produced by Uralgrit:
Certificate of conformity;
TS 3989-003-82101794-2008 (cooper slag);
Expert opinion on products;
A quality certificate is issued for each batch.

Buy cooper slag
Our company offers to buy cooper slag in bags of 25 and 50 kg, in FIBC. Our warehouses and representative offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other large cities of Russia. In total, more than 20 official dealers in all major cities of Russia and the CIS. To maximize customer satisfaction, a wide network of our own warehouses and representative offices has been created throughout Russia and the CIS countries where you can buy cooper slag at competitive prices.

Depending on the scope of supply, we can ship cooper slag directly from the plant (railway cars), either from our warehouses or from regional offices.

The managers of the company, being highly qualified specialists, select the type of slag and its fractional composition, based on the tasks that clients face.

You can buy cooper slag of the following fractions and packaging:

Name, fractionPackage
cooper slag, fraction 0,1-0,35In FIBC
cooper slag, fraction 0,1-0,6In bags of 25 and 50 kg, in FIBC
cooper slag, fraction 0,1-0,8In bags of 25 and 50 kg, in FIBC
cooper slag, fraction 0,1-1,0In FIBC
cooper slag, fraction 0,1-1,5In FIBC
cooper slag, fraction 0,1-3,0 In bags of 50 kg, in FIBC

cooper slag, fraction: 
0,2-1,2 Karabash (Э) 

cooper slag, fraction 0,2-1,6In bags of 25 and 50 kg, in FIBC
cooper slag, fraction 
cooper slag, fraction 0,5-1,5 In bags of 25 and 50 kg, in FIBC
cooper slag, fraction 
cooper slag, fraction 0,5-2,2In bags of 50 kg, in FIBC
cooper slag, fraction 
In bags of 25 and 50 kg, in FIBC
cooper slag, fraction 0,8-2,5 In bags of 50 kg, in FIBC
cooper slag, fraction 0,8-3,0In bags of 25 and 50 kg, in FIBC
cooper slag, fraction 
Granulated slag abrasive (0,5-2,5) In FIBC

See the full range of granulated slag of our production here. Specify the prices for cooper slag with our experts. They depend on the fraction, volume, region of delivery.

We produce cooper slag according to TS-3989-003-82101794-2008.

Photos of manufactured products

Абразивный порошок купершлакКупершлак производства УралгритКупить купершлак Уралгрит
Купершлак в Москве со склада производителя УралгритКупершлак для пескоструяПорошок купершлак различных фракций

Useful information for customers:

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