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Shot blasting (using shots) is used in industrial facilities, mainly to remove corrosion, old coatings, scale, irregularities and other flaws from the surface.

The most popular for achieving these goals is cleaning using steel shot, the shape of which can be cast and chipped. Cast fraction has a spherical shape, chipped - the shape of an irregular polyhedron.

Specialists note that the particles of the cast fraction have a larger mass compared to the split shot at the same size. Moreover, the greater the number of particles contained in a kilogram of the product is, the higher the surface cleaning speed is achieved and, accordingly, the processing time is reduced. The size of the fraction should be sufficient to fulfill the assigned technological task.

As the advantages of steel shot over cast iron, which is also used for shot peening of objects, experts note the following:

»A wider range of applications;

»Lower consumption;

»The possibility of giving the surface a more uniform roughness;

"Less dust formation;

»Energy savings due to reduced cleaning time.

Processing and cleaning with shot is almost safe for the health of employees and does not harm the environment.