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Stacking and Temporary Storage

FIBC with copper slag and nickel slag ensure the safety of products during transportation and during loading / unloading and are not intended for long-term storage of products.

The temporary storage period is 1 year.

For temporary storage, loaded containers are placed in warehouses, under a canopy or in open areas.

Open areas should have a smooth coating free of sharp objects and water, pallets or laid boards (flooring) and provide the possibility of the work of cargo mechanisms for loading / unloading containers into auto, railway or other vehicles.

Loaded FIBC stored in open areas for more than 3 months is recommended to be protected from the adverse effects of the environment (precipitation and solar radiation) with a covering tent / cover.

Containers should be stacked in no more than three tiers.

During the transportation and temporary storage of loaded FIBC in open areas, there is a chance of precipitation and moisture accumulation between the FIBC and the polyethylene liner. In this regard, it is not recommended to open the FIBC from the bottom, since moisture may get into the products that are being unloaded.


Long-term storage

For long-term storage (over 1 year), products must be poured from MKP into closed containers.

Loaded containers should be tightly closed and protect the product from moisture and precipitation.

It is recommended to conduct a regular (at least 1 time per month) visual inspection of the container integrity and the degree of the product humidity. Due to the environmental factors, only the value of the moisture mass fraction can change in a product.